The core activity of the company Forwarder Ltd. is forwarding - complex products and services in freight forwarding, transport processing requirements.

In our database we register now approx. With 500 carriers and 20 carriers have very closely and take care of their regular workload.

We use reputable transporters, the quality of service we have years of proven cooperation. In our market we were able to filter out reliable carriers and get them as our partners in ensuring the transportation of goods. That's why we offer a high level of service at very affordable prices. Within us try to book your transportation completing this order form and we will contact you promptly. Together we will find a solution that will be beneficial to you after page of financial, but also improve the transport of your goods.

Our service covers destinations especially IT, NL, BE, FR, DE, PL, AT, HU, CZ.

With regard to flexibility and cost optimization of our clients we do not work with a fixed mileages Tariff of, on the contrary, we approach each shipment individual including increasing a particular shipment .

The highest demands of clients are satisfied with our professional shippers. We have a growing range of quality subcontractors and suppliers - of carriers.
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